Welcome to UK FI Pod


A new podcast launching late summer 2018 to introduce the financial independence space.

FI or financial independence is defined as having enough passive income to no longer need to trade time for money. The acronym FIRE – financial independence retire early is used for those who aim to retire and focus on other pursuits.

So how do you get to financial independence? The short answer is by saving a significant amount of your income over a long period of time.

And can anyone do it? We’ll feature an interview each week with someone pursuing financial independence. The interviewees will be diverse – from a wide range of backgrounds and at different stages of their journey. They will share the choices and sacrifices they made to enable them to pursue FI.

More importantly, we learn FI is not all about the money – it’s about finding what really matters to you. Personal finance is personal, and financial independence even more so.

Interested in getting involved or collaborating? Drop me a mail at hello@ukfipod.space.