007 – Fat Brit Abroad – FI Groupie and Silly Car Fan

27 October 2018

Today I talk to someone who isn’t an FI blogger…..but a (self-identified) FI groupie. I’m so happy to introduce Fat Brit Abroad, a regular commentor on UK FI Blogs. He confesses his love for silly cars and shares his plans to travel in the future. We also get into the more nuanced discussions of tax and fairness.

If you want to reach out, you can contact him on fatbritabroad@gmail.com.


UK FI Pod – Season 1 Episode 7.

This is a low budget one-woman show – I am producing one series as a proof of concept. So please let me know what you think.

All feedback and comments are welcome – please drop me an email on hello@ukfipod.space.  Let me know if you want to be interviewed, or you have a question you’d like explored on the podcast.


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