001 – Kristine from Frugasaurus – Sustainability and Money as a Tool

15 September 2018

Please join me as I interview Kristine from Frugasaurus and she shares her quest for sustainable financial independence.

We cover lots of topics from her views on sustainability and investing to how she feels very rich now on a ~ £44k income.

You can learn more about Kristine at her blog Frugasaurus or on twitter.

UK FI Pod – Season 1 Episode 1.

This is a low budget one-woman show – I am producing one series as a proof of concept. So please let me know what you think.

All feedback and comments are welcome – please drop me an email on hello@ukfipod.space.  Let me know if you want to be interviewed, or you have a question you’d like explored on the podcast.


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  1. Great first episode! Really fun to hear more from Kristine since I enjoy her blog and we share a lot of values and roots (since Im from Sweden)! 🙂 I thought that it was good topics that were brought up. Looking forward to your next episode!

    1. Hi Ms Lil – thanks for listening and sharing your comments – Kristine is definitely an inspiration to me on the sustainability side.

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